Receive treatment in the Usui System of Reiki Healing which encourages energy to flow by placing the hands on the body in a prescribed pattern.  

Except for removing your shoes, you'll remain fully clothed during this session.


Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques are used to address specific concerns and to provide a full body massage.  Stretching, moist heated compresses, or an exfoliation pre-treatment may be added to the session to assist in smoothing muscle tissue or achieving a deeper sense of relaxation.

Session lengths may be set at 60, 75 or 90 minutes. 


While lying face down on the heated massage table, fractionated coconut oil is applied to the back, shoulders and nape of neck. A series of essential oils are placed along the spine.  The first oil, lavender, helps reduce the levels of stress hormones.  Other oils, including blends, are used to help your body reach a state of balance.  The session ends with peppermint oil to gently stimulate the mind and increase mental alertness.   

Swedish massage techniques are used when applying the oils.