A Basic Massage in Beautiful Basel

When I travel, I like to check out the services offered at others spas to see how fibre is measuring up to well-known venues. In each case, I’ve found fibre offers exceptional, personalized service when compared to a European spa. The sessions also give me a chance to experience another therapist’s approach to massage so I can think about using them at fibre. And the best part is I get to relax and enjoy the many health benefits of massage.

This review focuses on a massage I received at the PÜROVEL SPA & SPORT in the Swissotel Le Plaza Hotel in Basel, Switzerland. Purovel provides a minimalist-type relaxation room, locker room and unisex sauna.

My massage therapist led me into the brightly lit and starkly decorated Treatment Room. She confirmed the service I wanted to receive, a 60 minute Classic Massage, then stepped out of the room so I could get the massage table.

Similar to other massages I have received in Europe, the session began with little or no discussion of the specific reasons for seeking a massage. At fibre, each session begins with an intake session. I want to know why you want a massage and if there are any specific areas needing attention or areas to avoid. By talking with you before the service, I’m able to give you a massage tailored to your needs.

The therapist gave me a Swedish massage which helped me relax. At the end, she stepped out of the room. I dressed and left the Treatment Room. She handed me the bill and then left me to enter the Relaxation Room or to return to my hotel room.

At fibre, clients are given the chance to linger and let their bodies and minds adjust to the idea of getting back into the “real world” outside the spa doors. Comfortable seating within reach of a stash of healthy or indulgent snacks and a refreshing carafe of alkaline water are available for you after any service offered at fibre. The after-session options at fibre are much nicer than the lounge chairs in the unattended Relaxation Room.

Overall, the session was effective. However, for the price (155 CHF/157 USD for 60 minutes), I expected more. At fibre, a similar service for Wellness Members costs 55% less and they receive so many more amenities (e.g., personalized massage, warm neck wrap, heated massage table, heated moist towels, comfortable seating).

If you’re in the Washington DC area, stop by fibre and get a personalized; yet, affordable massage with amazing amentiites.

Because the sauna is available to all hotel guests (no massage service required to use it), I didn’t consider it an amenity for the massage session.

Source: https://www.swissotel.com/hotels/basel/